My Approach

My particular areas of interest are trauma and loss, though I also work with anxiety, relationship, family, adjustment, body image, self-esteem/self-worth and depression concerns.

Often life events that involve trauma and/or loss can leave us feeling hopeless, powerless and out of control. I help my clients develop the skills to feel confident in their ability to not only manage but also lead fulfilling lives, despite hardships and challenges. This process involves some difficult work but leads to sustainable relief and healing.

Trauma and loss are broad terms that can represent a number of life circumstances that each of us will experience in some form. Often these events are unexpected though they can also be anticipated.

Trauma can include an experience that was scary, overwhelming or even life threatening. A few examples of this are abuse or an assault (sexual, emotional and/or physical); a chronic, chaotic or unhealthy state of living; and surviving an accident. Loss involves no longer having individuals, relationships and/or roles that we once held. This can be concrete or more abstract, for instance a breakup versus the letting go of a dream you’ve held for some time. Other examples are death, a diagnosis or illness, divorce/separation, pregnancy-related concerns, a major transition or loss of contact with an individual.

Of course, many instances will be both a loss and a trauma. Both remain in our minds and bodies long after the event or events. This can result in anxiety, tension and stress, among other things. These life events may be disruptive from time to time or much more frequently.

“When our minds remember, our bodies are free to forget.”

-Dr. Galit Atlas

As you consider counseling, give thought to the following questions…

Do you think about the event(s) often?
Do you feel on edge?
Do things in your life feel out of control?
Do you anticipate the next “bad thing” that will happen?
Do you find it hard to connect with others?
Do you want to be able to manage your emotions?
Do you find yourself avoiding things?
Do you struggle with sleep?

Counseling is a helpful tool to answering and/or resolving these questions and help you know what you already know, and be who you already are.

“It is being honest about my pain that makes me invincible.”

– Nayyirah Waheed